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Business Development services:

In-licensing - Identify and Evaluate Attractive Compounds

The In-Licensing Challenge

Biotech companies have limited capital to spend on business development activities, therefore, they use relatively cheap and “easy-to-get” information resources to learn about licensing opportunities:

–Publicly available press releases and internet resources – mostly mined from public US based companies
–Commercial Databases: PharmaProject, IDDB3 etc.
–Success based independent searches, Investment banks
–US based scientific and partnering conferences

The result:
-Attractive compounds are overpriced and unattainable for licensing due over  exposure

-Biotech companies are losing precious time mining in overly crowded areas while other available and more affordable promising technologies can be found  

Suggested Solution

Secure a professional service provider with a track record that can:

–Identify promising compounds where high quality research exists but remains “under the radar” (countries such as Israel, Italy etc.) 
–Provide a stable deal flow of strategically fitting evaluated drug candidates

–Secure first right on reviewing these promising compounds to structure a more favorable licensing deal

Our Process

Our Value Proposition

  • Based on your search criteria, our research team will screen, identify, evaluate and present 2-4 strategically fitting licensing opportunities per month
  • Based on your level of interest, you may have an exclusive right to engage with the licensee and, if requested, use our expertise to perform due diligence and structure the licensing deal.
  • The merits of our approach:
  • Information Exclusivity - We provide an initial 30 days exclusivity period, that can be extended, in which clients have to demonstrate their level of interest in the evaluated compounds that can be extended. This exclusivity prevents bidding wars and ensures both a “cheaper” and faster transaction.
  • Reduced Business Development costs and increased productivity –We perform the time-consuming and challenging screening and identification work that provides our clients with the critical information needed to make superior licensing decisions.
  • Added scientific and valuation expertise - We add both scientific and valuation expertise to our client’s internal business development capabilities, that together with our deal structuring experience ensures deal value optimization.

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