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08.01.05 - Uriel Kusiatin, Principal, 2Value and Guillaume Pfefer, Sr. Director, Sanofi Pasteur have collaborated on a white paper titled "The Path to Strategic Manufacturing Flexibility" which was recently published in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. To read the full article Click here>




04.07.05 - Ranan Lachman, Principal and Dr. Marc Samet, Associate Principal with 2Value are featured in Biopharm International April issue. The article titled "Top Five Drivers of a Successful Out-licensing Process" describes the vital strategic elements to execute a successful outlicensing strategy. To read the full article Click here>



1.21.05 – Uriel Kusiatin is featured in the December 2004 edition of Genetic Engineering News, where he discuses the need for improved risk management methodologies to improve biopharmaceutical executives’ decision making capabilities. To read full article Click here>




01.14.05 - Dr. Marc Samet, Associate Principal with 2Value is featured in Pharmaceutical Executive December 2004 edition describing five most attractive drugs in development. To read the full article Click here>





01.04.05 - Ranan Lachman, Principal with 2Value is featured in Haaretz Newspaper describing Israeli emerging biotech companies challenges and ways to out-license attractive technologies using a structured business development approach. To read the full article Click here>




11.19.04 - Uriel Kusiatin, Principal and co-founder of 2Value is featured in the November/December issue of PharmaceuticalManufacturing.com where he describes how Real Options and other advanced financial evaluation and decision analysis techniques can help biotech manufacturers assess the risks and opportunities of various manufacturing capacity strategies and make better CAPEX decisions. For the full article, Click here>



11.08.04 - 2Value is pleased to announce that Dr. Marvin Silverberg has joint our scientific team as Associate Principal. "Dr. Silverberg significant scientific evaluation expertise adds an important component to our research team. Our international research team is comprised of highly qualified individuals who uses critical scientific knowledge to identify, screen and evaluate attractive licensing opportunities.  Dr. Silverberg's Chemistry understanding is a crucial added component to the team and we are excited to having him on our team" mentioned Ranan Lachman, Principal with 2Value. 



11.01.04 2value's licensing evaluation process was featured in the special Biopartnerships supplement of Pharmaceutical Executive magazine. Titled "Private Industry Most Eligible", the articles emphasize the importance of looking off-shore to identify promising technologies. To read the full article Click Here>




10.11.2004 - 2value announced today that it will co-host a conference titled "Valuing and pricing licensing deals – gaining a competitive advantage at the negotiations table". the conference organized by CHI will take place at the Host Hotel in San Francisco, CA in April 18th, 2005.

Biopharmaceutical executives are constantly required to make difficult strategic decisions – decisions that may have significant impact on their company’s ability to successfully compete in a complex and highly uncertain business environment.


For example, how should business development executives value a potential licensing opportunity and structure a deal that shares the risks and rewards in an equitable and fair manner? What is the optimal mix of upfront, milestone and royalty fees that maximize value?


Many executives rely on intuition derived from years of experience to make these decisions. But is intuition sufficient when a product in development is 10 years away from commercialization and the technical and market uncertainties are great? Making multi-million dollar bets in this type of environment requires an approach that not only helps quantify the risk associated with technology and market conditions, but also values the ability to be flexible in the staging and execution of investments when some level of uncertainty is resolved. Advanced financial evaluation and decision analysis techniques such as Real Options Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation and Stochastic Optimization are beginning to gain ground in a number of biopharmaceutical companies and if used correctly can add a tremendous amount of value and insights to the strategic decision making process as it applies to licensing deals.


This conference will explore some of these issues and provide simple case studies to illustrate areas of application.


To register Click here



10.04.2004 - 2value announced today that it will present at the conference titles "Advanced Pharma and Biotech IP Licensing: Creating and Managing the Winning Deal". Mr. Ranan Lachman, Principal, will discuss issues relating to maximizing IP Assets - minimizing the risks associated with alliances though improved valuation. Mr. Lachman will demonstrate how Real Option analysis can contribute to a successful implementation of a licensing deal. The conference will take place in New Jersey between October 27th-29th.